Postponed CIB congress

Postponed CIB congress

Waar? La ferme du Grand Marcha, Rue Commune 1, 6030 Obaix (Nijvel/ Nivelle)

Wanneer? 17.02.2022

Lieven Annemans, professor in gezondheidseconomie
‘Finding happiness without pursuit’ (geluk vinden zonder het te zoeken)

This lecture explains that the obsessive pursuit of one’s own happiness without being concerned and connected with others is a tragic mistake. Being happy requires warm relationships, giving and receiving autonomy, giving meaning to what we do, and being able to flourish. Only together we can achieve this. And it is more than ever needed in our current society.

Dominique Winand, Ingénieur chimiste
‘Big Pharma Mode d’Emploi’

This lecture gives a very comprehensive presentation and analysis for the future professionals in the pharmaceutical industry as healthcare professionals as well. 

For those who are simply curious about the operating methods of this specific sector, they will find also answers to their questions.


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